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The sheilA fest storY

The question we get most often is: 
"Why is it called Sheila Fest?"

"Hey there, my name is Sheila Anderson. I am the Sheila of Sheila Fest and I would love to share our inspiring story with you!

Back in 2015 I suffered a major heart attack that nearly took my life. In fact, I actually coded for almost 20 minutes on the operating table! Following this near-death experience, I had a vision to host a neighborhood music festival to celebrate life, music and community. I have been

a music lover my whole life. Some would say it’s just in my soul. So, we hosted our first Sheila Fest event back in 2016 with a group of close neighbors and few amazing local bands. To make an impact, we ended up putting together $2,500 to donate to a local charity. At the time, we didn’t have vendors, food trucks or even a single sponsor. Just a bunch of folks with grills and camping chairs, dancing the night away to live music.


From there, as Sheila Fest grew bigger and bigger each year, so did our impact. In 2019, we added a golf tournament and a charity dinner, and were able to add a huge commercial stage, a ton of killer bands, vendors, food trucks, kids play area, and so many incredibly generous sponsors that make it all possible. From a few friends raising a couple thousand dollars, to six years later raising nearly $70,000 to donate to a local charity, we got to celebrate life, music and community with nearly 1,000 people in 2022! Man, what a journey it has been! We are so humbled and grateful for everyone who has supported this vision over the years…


Prior to 2023, Sheila Fest was essentially a Traditions of Braselton neighborhood event. As our reach has increased, we realized that we needed to open the doors in order to reach more people, to have an even bigger impact, and to take the burden off the neighborhood HOA members. We are excited to announce that we have formed the Sheila Fest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a huge mission! Thank you again for all of our friends, family and community that have worked so hard to make this possible.

Here's to many more
years of Sheila Fest!

Many years of love, music,
and community celebrating the precious gift of life!"

Our mission

Family, Friends, and Community joining hands and hearts to bring hope and support to those in need. We accomplish this through the universal language of love, support and of course, music! We aim to assist other organizations that serve families and individuals in Jackson County and surroundings communities of North Georgia.

boArd of Directors

Sheila Anderson - President
Dr. Adam Tedder - Vice President
Tammy Rodriguez - Secretary
Nicole Rinker - Treasurer
Madi Rodriguez - Web Designer
Jim Strong - Chairman of Golf Tournament
Jason Lee & Kacie de Leon - Chairpersons of Charity Dinner / Auction

Our Advisory Panel is made up of a multitude of other Traditions residents, friends and supporters.

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